When the weather was so great outside in this early spring in Chengdu, I just couldn’t stand staying at home. So…I went out with my girl friend to enjoy some sun.

     People from Sichuan LOVE spicy food, and I’m definitely one of them. Our first stop was the most famous Maocai (冒菜)in the city. It only opens daily from 10:30 am to 2 pm. I went there once last summer but the beef was sold out even my friend and I lined up for more than two hours. Luckily we had it this time. It was indeed that good!

     I haven’t been walking like this in the city for over five years, and I discovered several places that I have never been or noticed before in my life.

Chengdu Art Gallery:

Chengdu Catholic Ping An Qiao Church (I didn’t know there’s catholic church in Chengdu at all…):

Please excuse me for these bad quality photos, but here’s some more:

Again, I’m so happy to be home!