THREE days until the Chinese New Year!
My last Chinese New Year at home was 5 years ago, so I can’t describe how excited I am right now. And every time I think about I will stay in Chengdu for half a year doing what I am passionate about makes me smile. I can also spend a lot more time with my family and friends here. I’m so looking forward to the coming Rabbit year.

The past two weeks:

– Met family and friends
– Visited high school teacher
– Shopped around
– Karaoked
– Ate Ate and Ate a lot of good food!!!

The next few months:

– Work at Mercy Corps’ Chengdu office to help out with some PR and publication work
– Learn more about international development and nonprofit in China
– Wait for grad school information
– Plan my Europe trip with an amazing friend (Maybe)

Chinese New Year plan:
– Hot spring and ski trip with family
– Chongqing trip with friends
– Shop in Hong Kong with my dear mom

Haha…My 2011 Chinese year will be a GREAT GREAT year!