I finished my internship at Special Olympics Oregon last Wednesday and I will be a college graduate in less than a week! Someone told me that there are three biggest things in life: born, graduate from college, and get married. I can’t believe I completed two already. Although I don’t see the next big thing coming anytime soon, graduating from college and receiving a degree is definitely an end as well as a beginning of a new chapter in my life.

I’m so happy that I participated the senior experience program in Portland and got the chance to intern at Special Olympics. If I chose to graduate in the past summer, I would not have the chance to experience the life living in a city in United States (not until next year at least) and learn so much about nonprofit organizations.

Sometimes I feel I’m too young to have a life in Eugene. Not saying that I don’t like Eugene, but I can only imagine I live in Eugene for a long period of time after I turn 60. Portland is perfect. The city isn’t too big, but I have a lot more to do here. Besides my internship, I enjoy meeting new people in Toastmasters club and CouchSurfing, going out with friends to explore good Asian restaurants, etc. I will definitely miss Portland later after I leave.

Senior experience gave me chance to learn about nonprofit organizations also. After decide to pursue a career in nonprofit in the field of international development, I feel I know so little about this field. Thanks to the senior experience, at least I’m learning new things every day. It is a great start of my nonprofit career. (:

P.S. I went to Lucky Strike on Saturday. It’s probably the only Sichuan style restaurant in Portland. As a girl who spent 18 years there, I would say the taste is pretty close to real Sichuan food. If you LOVE spicy food, don’t miss it.

Here’s the website:  http://luckystrikepdx.com/index.html