I had my first real Thanksgiving dinner with Ashlea Holcomb and her family on Thursday. It was such a good time and I  learned some more about American culture. I was asked about things I find new when I first came to the country and I couldn’t think of any during that time.

But, there are actually plenty of them (haha…):

  • There are many homeless people also. They stand at intersections and hold signs to ask for help. General Chinese think ALL Americans are rich and USA is the paradise.
  • McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut are cheap food and not that popular. They are really popular in China  and some kids even like to have their birthday party there. Pizza Hut maybe can be considered as “luxury” several years ago.
  • Drivers are super nice. Pedestrians are the king. Cars always let the pedestrians go first. Such thing happens in China so rare that if it does happen to you, you should totally go buy lottery because you are soooooooo lucky.
  • Chinese food here are generally cheaper than other type of food and taste totally different from real delicious Chinese food. P.F. Chang’s food to me is just China Blue’s on a prettier plate.
  • Wild animals are everywhere, even in the city.
  • Mormons are not just in Utah.
  • 7-11s don’t sell lunch and dinner.
  • A lot of people hate Walmart.
  • People always ask me if I eat cats and dogs. NO I  DON’T. And none of my friends and family does.
  • Tiananmen Square protests is a common topic when talking about politics.
  • Why people need a gun at home? See the following ads I found:

The list goes on…I will update later…Maybe…